Hey there, my name is Sanna.

I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in Umeå, Sweden. After seven years in the industry I realized I want more, I want to discover love stories out in Scandinavia and in all of Europe. I dokument love stories, just as raw and beautiful as they are. With warm tones in a beautiful nature. In Swedish or English!

Wherever you are.

Northern wedding stories


A dance in the sunshine, a stroke on the cheek and deep eye contact with each other and not with the camera. That’s what makes me completely knee weak!

I document every single moment during your big day and often things that you even did not know happened.

Romantic and authentic pictures among beautiful nature. Calm and natural but at the same time super fun while we do it. Does this sound like what you are looking for? Then you have come to the right place!

We are so happy that Sanna photographed our wedding, and we are so in love with all the pictures. Forever grateful for the opportunity to remember back to the smallest moment and details from our big day. Sanna has a great ability to always manage to find the perfect moments and to get us relaxed in front of the camera. She is warm and easy. We will always recommend her to everyone we can!


Send an email with questions or fill in the contact form on the booking page for bookings.


Big congratulations to the wedding, and I’m so glad you are here. 

Here you will find all the information you need if you want to give me the honor to be your wedding photographer. Fill in the contact form at the bottom and I will get back to you within 1-3 working days. Remember to check the spam/junk after my answere.


In my wedding pictures you always find a relaxed and natural feeling, together with a strong background.

To be a part of your day is the most beautiful thing i know. I’ll take your day with passion and precision. I am professional and easy going in my work. I’ve been photographing weddings since 2014 and have done over 25 weddings now. I am very picky with the weddings I say yes to just because I want everything to feel great and that we have a connection as persons so everything feels as natural as possible at your big day.

I love the light and the colours in my pictures, after years of years I have found my way how i want my pictures and how to capture a feeling so you can look back after many years and still feel the same feeling you had when the picture was taken. I always let you be the persons you are and I promise nothing will feel weird or stiff under the time we have together. 

I love winter and dreaming of winter weddings. Are easy going as person. Love pictures that are taken when you are in your bubble of love and didn’t even know i took them. A dance in the sunset, a stroke on the cheek and deep eye contact with each other instead of the camera is what makes my knees weak! I simply photograph documentary, every single moment during your day. I have a feeling for light and where it will look great to take your pictures.

Do you want to eternalize your day in deep, natural and emotional pictures in a fantastic nature? Do you want someone professional and personal that are burning for this to do it for you? Do you want it to be natural but at the same time super fun meanwhile we do it? In swedish or english?

Then you have come to the right place!





The best i know is to follow from the beginning. To capture those nervous moments when you get ready and when your bridesmaids helps you with the dress. These pictures are very appreciated and you will be able to remember back to the feelings and see the pictures in a common thread through the whole day.

Northern wedding stories


During the time we have in the church, I always try to stay as quiet and invisible as possible. Without sound and usually completely without flash on the camera. If I get you and the priest’s approval, I move quietly and freely around in the church to catch all the happenings. Such as a falling tear from your mothers cheek, or the guest’s gaping laughter when the nephew did something fun. And of course, the ring change and the first kiss. 

Outside after the wedding, I stand ready with your guest until you thunder out through the door and are welcomed as husband and wife. Then i sneak around and take photos of all the hugs and every thing that can happen. And so you were married! Husband and wife. Do you feel the excitement? At least I do!


My favorite part of the day! But first of all,
y o u   d o   n o t   n e e d  t o   f e e l   t h a t   y o u   h a v e   t o   b e   u s e d   t o   s t a n d   i n   f r o n t  o f   t h e  c a m e r a !

It always flows on naturally once we are there, otherwise you cant trust me that I’m going to help you along the way. I take photos spontaneously and all you have to do is stand in your own little bubble of love and focus on each other and to help you with that i will give you some small tasks like ”tell each other one thing that made you fall in love”. 

Set aside at least one hour for the portrait photography only, 

Northern wedding stories
Bröllopsfotograf umeå


Do you want to have everything documented from the day, because it is after all perhaps the biggest day of your life! I’ll be more than happy to share the whole day with you!

I take some mingling pictures of everyone who is there, pictures of your nice table setting, the food, the cake, the fantastic and often tear-filled speeches from the parents or the embarrassing speeches from your dearest friend, the tears of joy and the gaping laughters and everything else fantastic that can happen when you have gathered all your loved ones to celebrate the love between the two of you.

And the best I know if time exists, let yourself disappear into the sunset for a few more portrait photos in the fantastic evening light that only the sunset can offer!


You fill out the contact form below and I will respond within 1-3 working days. Remember to check your spam as my replies can sometimes end up there.

If I’m free on your date, I’ll write it down and send you a contract that you can fill out and then you send back my copy. Together with the contract, I send you the booking invoice which is 25% of the package you have chosen, when the invoice is paid, your date is locked. The booking fee is non-refundable in case something happens precisely because I keep a date and decline other offers.

The booking has gone through and now I’m available for you whenever you want, I’ve seen many different weddings over the years, so should you have any questions about anything, never hesitate to get in touch, I’m here for you. We book our meeting and trial photography 2-3 months before your wedding date and then it’s time, YOUR BIG DAY!




I am often booked well in advance, so at least a year before the high season June-August. But please let me know if you are still interested, perhaps I have received a late rebooking just for your date.

If you want to book me any other time of the year that is not during the high season, I recommend sending your request at least six months before.

Yes of course! I travel anywhere to immortalize love! All my wedding packages include travel compensation within Sweden. If you would like to do me the honor and realize one of my dreams of photographing your wedding abroad, please get in touch and we will come up with a special offer that will make us both happy.

All my packages include a consultation meeting and a sample photo shoot. All this just so that you and I can feel as comfortable as possible and so that everything flows naturally during your day. You will feel what it is like to stand in front of my camera, that it will not be stiff and posed at all and that it is really true that you do not need to be used to being photographed.

At the meeting, we go through every step during your day so I am well prepared for everything that will happen and go through any backup plans.

We book this two to three months before your wedding. Either we sit in a café or we go to the place where you will take your wedding portraits or the wedding venue. The meeting takes about 1-2 hours and I offer something light.

I hold an F tax slip and all prices include VAT. A booking invoice of 25% is sent in connection with the booking and it is not refundable because I keep a date for you and refuse other jobs. Should something happen like Covid-19 in 2020-2021 and you have to postpone your wedding, the booking will still remain and we will find a date that works for you and me. The booking fee is not refunded in case of cancellation.

The remaining amount of your package is paid when you want, but at the latest in connection with your image delivery. All payments are made via invoice.

No, I do not send raw files. I edit all the pictures that you get sent to you.

I have chosen to send most of all the photos taken during the day in all my packages. Therefore, it is difficult to say how many photos there will be per wedding, but I tend to be very generous with the click button, haha! What I filter out are blurry and similar images.

You will get a sample 1-2 days after the wedding of about 15 pictures that you can use as a ”thank you for coming”.

All digital images are edited and ready after 4-6 weeks which you receive in a beautiful web gallery that can be shared with loved ones.
Then when the entire payment is made, you will receive a package with a surprise and a nice USB to store all your photos on.

If you want to order prints through me, please let me know and I will arrange it.

I am not a wedding videographer and will always put photography first. But in my biggest wedding package, I now offer a ”Highlight film” and this means that I will film small snippets every now and then and cut them together into a maximum five minute video with music.

This can then be small snippets of the preparations, the first look, small moments during the wedding when I’m not photographing (can’t promise that I’ll have time to film the clips such as entry and exit, the exchange of rings and the first kiss as I choose to prioritize photos around this.) then a little during the portraits, toast, dinner and the party.

This is something I offer as a bonus for choosing my largest package. Should you have a videographer on site filming all day, I offer a nice slideshow with music instead and leave the filming to that person.

I’ve never had to cancel a wedding due to illness and extremely rarely have a cold or illness, nothing could ever stop me from capturing a wedding (I’ve even photographed a wedding with a cast on my right hand) unless the bride and groom think it would be a risk to their guests. If so, I am a member of a large photographer network and I will help you find a new photographer of equal quality.

I myself would probably wish for rain on my wedding portraits just because the light will be absolutely perfect and think what nice pictures you can get close to each other under a transparent umbrella!

When I’m looking for photo spots, I also always look for big trees where you can protect yourself from the rain during the photo shoot. And of course we have a backup plan or two for possible indoor photography, we’ll talk about that during our meeting before your wedding.

The best thing I know is weddings and photographing weddings, so if I get that question before or during your wedding day, I will of course want to stay. It will cost SEK 2,000 including VAT per hour or we will expand the package to the larger one.

I love winter and I love weddings, so please YES! Send me an mail for more information.



Portraits & wedding.

  • Trial photography & wedding meeting.
  • Carefully selected locations for photography in the best light and surroundings.
  • Large number of digital and edited images.
  • Travel allowance throughout Sweden.

PRICE: SEK 14.500



Preparations, first look, portraits, wedding, wedding toast & dinner.

  • Trial photography & wedding meeting-
  • Carefully selected locations for photography in the best light and surroundnings.
  • Preparations & First look.
  • Large number of digital and edited images.
  • Travel allowance throughout Sweden.

PRICE: SEK 25.000



ALL DAY! This is a package for those of you who don’t want to miss a thing & want to be able to look back at the smallest deatails! From preparations to late at night + even a little film from the day.

  • Trial photography & wedding meeting.
  • Photo album in linen.
  • Carfully selected locations for photography in the best light & surroundings.
  • A highlight film from the day!
  • Travel allowance throughout Sweden.
  • AT LEAST 1500 digital & edited images.

PRICE: SEK 39.000


4 datum kvar 70%
8 datum kvar 20%


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